Thursday, June 28, 2012

In Which I Sumo Wrestle Adam On Pride Night

Travis: "Hey guys, would you be interested in participating in Sumo wrestling during the game?"

Adam: "Hahaha...well, I don't thi-"


So began my bucket list worthy adventure at the 'Sharks game Thursday night. Sign this waiver, meet up in Section 116 in the middle of the third inning, prize is a tour of the Yard's Brewery and a six pack. 

You had me at "beer".

Actually, you had me at "Get into these ridiculously oversized Sumo outfits and beat the hell out of each other." But once we made our way to the visitors dugout and were led into the bowels of Campbell's Field, getting into the suits proved to be a bigger workout than actual Sumo wrestling, or what I imagine actual Sumo wrestling is like. It took us 15 minutes just to suit up and by that time I was completely exhausted. Then we had to stand around in a giant padded suit for a half inning. Getting judged by ushers, street teamers and visiting players going to take a whizz. Ugh.

Finally, we were led out onto the field, introduced, and given a countdown to GET IT ON (hahaha, Pride Night) What I hadn't counted on was Adam using Road Runner type strategy to his advantage. That is, when I built up a little head of steam in preparation to knock his block off, he deftly moved his block one step to the right, and I fell flat on my face. Whereupon he jumped onto of me. Point, Blue.

So, humiliated in front of literally tens of fans, sweaty, dusty and exhausted, I emerged with a free t shirt and a certificate for a Yard's factory tour and a sixer. Fair trade, I'd say.

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