Friday, September 7, 2012

In Which Southern Maryland Makes Me Think All Those John Waters Movies Were Actually Documentaries...

With the Atlantic League season almost at an end, and our beloved Riversharks languishing in the sub-basement of the Liberty Division (still 6.5 games up on the woeful Long Island Ducks, who were, you'll remember, you first half Liberty Division winners) I've stopped paying so much attention to standings and recaps and stats, and started enjoying the more...esoteric details of this team and the game they play.

Earlier this week, I traveled to Waldorf, Maryland to see our boys take on the Southern Maryland Blue Crabs in what was thought to be a crucial four game series. If the 'Sharks could win 3 of 4, or maybe sweep, they'd make up some serious ground on the first place 'Crabs, and at least make September interesting.

They didn't win.

Well, they one one game. On Thursday.

Kevin Reese pitched an absolute gem. He threw seven and two-thirds innings, giving up one run on four measly hits. He struck out seven. And, miracle of miracles, the bullpen held up it's end, one-hitting the 'Crabs the rest of the way. 'Sharks win in 10 innings 3-1.

But the victory wasn't the best part of Thursday night, for me. The best part of Thursday night was watching Alvin Colina play the role of World's Greatest Wingman for the 'Sharks clubby.

The 'Crabs have a few female 'street teamers' that help with the on field promotions between innings. Two of these girls, a blonde and brunette, made their way down to the railing beside the visitors dugout, apparently to hassle the batboy.

Alvin was in the hole, and caught the brunette's attention. Hey, are you single? There's a guy that works with us, and he'd like to get to know you. Why don't you come down after the game? C'mon, he's a good guy!

Now, I'm secure enough in my masculinity to admit: Alvin Colina is a handsome, well built, professional athlete. Made it to the Show. Talks a good game.

So these girls had no chance.

After some hemming and hawing on their part, I do believe the deal, as they say, was sealed. Or at least numbers exchanged. I also believe clubby owes him a beer, cause that might have been the greatest case of wingmanitude I've ever personally witnessed.


Look, I don't know the specifics of the trade that brought former Long Island Ducks OF Reid Gorecki over to Camden, but I do know this: he ain't too happy about being here. Check his tweet from yesterday:

Clearly something's amiss. Either he said something he shouldn't have to the wrong person, or someone in the Ducks organization had it in for him. Or who knows what.

But his gripe turns quickly to sour grapes, as evidenced in his tweet earlier today:

Ahh, Reid, in the words of Ed Lover, "C'mon, Son!!" There's no crying! There's no crying in baseball!!

So, Gorecki and Young have apparently not endeared themselves to everyone in the clubhouse. Good thing the season's almost over, they've got a lot of down time coming to sulk. 

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