Thursday, July 7, 2011

On The Sharks 2011 All-Stars

Five players from the Sharks will be included in this year's Atlantic League All-Star Game: Pedro Feliz, John Bale, Jay Marshall, Toby Hall and Lloyd Turner.

I have somewhat of a problem with this.

Let's start with the pitchers. Jay Marshall has been lights out this season. In 31 games so far, his ERA is the best on the team's at 1.52. His WHIP is a respectable .96, he's walked 6 and struck out 10. I've got no problem with him.

John Bale, who's second only to Marshall for lowest ERA, has pitched six more innings than Marshall, but has given up nearly TWICE as many hits. His WHIP is a slightly lackluster 1.41. Atlantic League batters are hitting nearly 70 points higher off Bale than off Marshall.

Guys like Eddy Camacho (4-0) and Federico Baez (4-2) were passed over, and I'm not quite sure why. Both are proven, quality starters. Camacho began his year in the bullpen and was pressed into the starting role when Robert Rohrbaugh and Chris Mason were released. Baez has been the most consistent pitcher in the rotation, and may have the best stuff.

Hall is solid behind the plate, but making an All-Star out of a guy batting .255, who runs slower than a slow motion replay of the continents shifting? Please.

Noah Hall is batting .288 with 28 RBI's this year. His OPS is the highest on the team at .864. Burgamy, who's slumping recently but still has an OPS close to .8, is leading the team in both RBI's and home runs. And you're telling me Pedro Feliz and Lloyd Turner deserve to be All-Stars over those guys?

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