Friday, July 8, 2011

It's a Beautiful Year, Let's Play Two

A baseball season is long, even a split season, and a losing season feels even longer, and when you are checking the standings every day to see if you are still a game or two superior to the Road Warriors who never sleep in their own beds or bat last, I imagine it feels longer still. Winning is awesome, and you can infer the inverse.

In such seasons, It's nice to find little victories. What can you take away from a loss in which you were outhit 19-11? If you must find something, how about only a single walk in 44 Barnstormer plate appearances and that one was an IBB to Aaron Herr. The Sharks D and pitching stranded 11 including 7 in scoring position, most notably in the top of the 8th when John Bale pitched out of a 2nd and 3rd 1 out jam with the aforementioned walk which loaded 'em up sandwiched between a 4-3 and then a liner to right to end the inning.

The Sharks starting pitching has improved exponentially since the first half of this first half, in which even little victories were scarce, and now the bullpen is shaping up nicely. I'm looking forward to the second half. Yes, I know this game is designed to break your heart and split seasons are designed to break it twice, but I still say, without a trace of irony. "It's a beautiful year, let's play two"

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  1. I'd be happy with a winning record in the 2nd half. One game over .500 counts.